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Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy - Cosmetology

James Ryder Makeup Labs

MAC Pro Artistry

Wolfe Brothers

Bloody Mary

Michael Burnett Productions - MBPFX - Special Effects Makeup Intern

Pikes Peak Community College - Michael Stansbury

Thanks for taking a moment to learn a bit more about me! I'm a Certified and Award-Winning Makeup Artist with over twenty years of experience. After years of seeing clients struggle not only with having to squeeze scheduling a separate hair stylist into their busy days, but also having to pay an additional cost, I decided to become a licensed Cosmetologist so that I could also provide hair services. This saves you time, frustration and money. I am based in Colorado Springs, CO, but enjoy traveling to meet clients at their requested location. The MUAH by J team likes to use our versatility to meet, and often exceed, clients needs be it for a wedding, a fashion show or a photo shoot. Whether you envision a traditional style, retro victory rolls, a modern mohawk, or anything in between, we will help to make your vision a reality! 

                                                                            Janine Johnson

In Case You're Curious...


Other Fun Facts

- I love all animals, but I'm a cat person. I have three.

- Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but tattoos tell great life stories!

- Bacon. What more needs to be said?

- I appreciate all things artistic and geeky.

- I love a great horror flick. And sometimes, not-so-great horror flicks.